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A preview of ng-conf 2016

It is time for ng-conf 2016 and I’m privilidged to attend yet again. I’m going to share the state of Angular from my perspective over the next few days.

3 May 2016 Javascript 6 minutes

JavaScript is a compiled language

With ES6 and the introduction of new language features on a yearly basis, the language is evolving at a rate that browsers currently cannot keep up. Today’s JavaScript has a richer syntax to express new concepts or old concepts in new ways.

26 March 2016 Javascript 5 minutes

A team that eats together, works together

There is a lot of research that emphasizes the importance of eating together, especially as a family. Families that eat meals together are more close knit, healthier, and have better relationships with each other.

18 August 2015 Work 10 minutes

Back to writing

It is time to get back into writing. I have written a book and am working on another, but there is something liberating about writing what is top of mind.

30 July 2015 Life 2 minutes