Take the Ionic 30 day challenge

Proves you can start, build, and deploy an app in 30 days

Posted on October 23, 2014

I love this idea from Björn Holdt who set a goal to build and publish a mobile app in 30 days. The idea is great, but the amazing part is I truly believe that you can make it happen. 30 days is actually more time that it took me to build a robust and completely functional mobile app for my work.

I wanted to join in the fun and pledge to build out a mobile app for learning about beer styles. I’m a certified beer judge (yes that is a real thing) and when I’m judging a beer I prefer to have the guidelines handy for reference. I’ll also be sharing a bit about my experience, and all of the code will be on GitHub.

Do you think you can take the challenge? Post in the forum if you do!