Angular In Action

Learn the essential skills for Angular (version 2+) with an example driven approach.

Covers Angular 2 and above

Angular in Action teaches you modern application development with Angular. You’ll begin with the basics of Angular and the technologies and techniques you’ll use throughout the book, such as key features of TypeScript, newer ES6 syntax and concepts, and details about the tools needed to write professional Angular applications. Next, you’ll build an Angular application from scratch. You’ll learn about the primary pieces of an Angular application and see how they work together. Using lots of examples, you’ll learn the core parts of Angular, such as Components, the Router, and Services. You’ll also learn techniques like server-side rendering. Finally, you’ll gain insight into advanced skills that should be part of any professional Angular developer’s toolkit, such as testing, tooling options, and performance tuning.

How to get it

The book is available currently on Manning’s website as a MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) edition. It allows you to get the book today, before it is even available in print. The print edition will be available summer of 2017, and you can also preorder it if you prefer the hard copy and get a bundle deal on digital version.

Get the book from Manning.